About us

EMME-ERRE s.r.l. was founded in 2007.  EMME-ERRE s.r.l. operates in Heavy Wood Packaging, Logistics and Wood Trading sectors, it is a leader company in Italy and abroad. FITOK certified, synonymous of safety and quality, this highlights the company’s commitment to sustainable development and the protection of the environment, EMME-ERRE s.r.l. provides and ensures high quality products.


EMME-ERRE s.r.l. it moves in a national and international market, this implies the obligation of a certified production according to precise regulations, recognized at international level.


EMME-ERRE s.r.l. deals with the production of industrial wooden packaging using semi-finished and plywood. The executive process of each project involves an accurate analysis of each phase, from the composition of the raw material to the logistics organization.


EMME-ERRE s.r.l. offers its customers a wide range of products, designed to meet every need and quality efficient. In addition to the main types of products such as: wooden packaging, pallets and custom cages.


EMME-ERRE s.r.l. is able to support its customers also from a logistic point of view, adopting different communication channels, by land, by air and by sea.