EMME-ERRE s.r.l. deals with the production of industrial wood packaging using semi-finished and plywood products. The executive process of each project involves an accurate analysis of each phase, from raw material to logistics organization. The high production standards in terms of quality, safety and respect for the environment are certified through the well-known ISPM-15FAO and FITOK regulations.

The types are subdivided into:

Wooden box

suitable for different modes of transport, and any kind of equipment or machinery. Available in both standard and non-standard sizes.

Wooden crates

handy and light packaging, which facilitates the loading, unloading and transport of goods.


It is the most used product for the handling of goods. The company produces both standard and customized sizes, all marked by the EPAL brand, which identifies and certifies the quality levels of the product.


safe and reliable, necessary for the transport of fragile goods.

Bases and platforms

they are guarantee the stability of the goods. EMME-ERRE s.r.l. meets the customer’s needs realizing bases and platforms, with full/spaced bottom or studying customized solutions according to the different needs.

Saddles and Wooden supports

last but not least is the production of saddles and wooden supports, which are ideal solutions for storage. In addition, they play an important role during the transport of materials such as: tanks, pipes and any kind of cylindrical product.